WOMAN is a hollow tree. She represents the soil in which creativity gestates, where music finds its creative spark. A metaphysical figure , both woman and tree. She is the meditative focus of the piece. Contemplating, listening, almost waiting, she’s a blank sheet waiting for harmonies. DOTS and LINES are the music sheet. They are the trenches in which the flower of melodies blooms. I broke down the sheet into its two core elements. The lines (trenches) and the black dots that run through the entire piece. THE VOID everything is born from the connection of the artist (composer) with cosmic creative energy. Creative quantums are connected to the everything that surrounds us. The beginning is mysterious and pregnant with silence. And thus, the branches of the tree are born out of silence, almost suspended. THE BRANCHES they are the harmonic waves of the melody. They expand, rise from the void, and chase each other.

Bronze Resin and wood

60 x 60 x 70 cm

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